Setup Preference for two EIGRP External routes

Hi Rene
I have a routing issue in production so I have setup a GNS lab similar to the production and GNS has the same issue. I will explain the problem in word first in case you have easy solution if not, then I am happy to send you GNS topology.
We have three services provider. ISP A , ISP B & ISP C
ISP A running RIP v2
ISP B running Layer 2 connection so we don’t have to worry about their protocol, both sites has point to point connectivity. (Currently active but we are going to decommissioned)
ISP C running BGP (not Active yet as we have a routing issue but this is the one we are forcing to use in near future)
Our network is divided into two sites, Site 1 & Site 2, both site is reasonably big, running EIGRP.
Both sites have approx… 50 to 60 subnets.
Our 2 ASR from each site connected to ISP A running EIGRP & RIP, we have mutual redistribution at both site such as RIP to EIGRP vice versa. Majority of traffic going thru our WAN link with ISP B as both site have EIGRP AD 90, and if ISP B fail then traffic failover to ISP A with AD 170. All working nicely at the moment.

Now we are going to decommission WAN link of ISP B and commission WAN link with ISP C.
I have setup the GNS lab which is mirror the production.
My configuration detail as follows:
I am redistributing RIP route from ISP A to EIGRP vice versa on both site 1 & 2.
Also I am redistributing BGP route from ISP C to EIGRP vice versa on both site 1 & 2.
Both sites have route to each other with AD 170 & if any of WAN link fail, the traffic failover to another link.
Now the problem I am facing as follows:
I want to force traffic via WAN link of ISP C (which is running BGP) as this is 1GIG link and ISP A has 100MB link.
Because of redistribution from both ISP, our sites have EIGRP route with AD 170.
I have use route-map to lower the metric so route from ISP C has better metric and I have test it by turning off link one by one that Site 1 has better metric from ISP C to reach site 2 vice versa.
Routing work nicely such as if any link fail then it’s failing over to another link.
Now the real problem is if I turn off WAN link of ISP C then it’s failover to ISP A but when I turn back on ISP C then traffic not failing over to ISP C 1 GIG link. Sometime one site redirect the traffic to ISP C but other site keep using slow link at ISP A. Having asymmetric issue.
I want both sites to use ISP C when ISP A WAN is open.
Let me know if you need config file or GNS topology.

Thank you.

Hi Vinod,

If you are dealing with EIGRP external then you will only be able to influence the metrics. With other routing protocols, changing the AD would have been an option. When you are re-enabling the link to ISP C, why is it not using this path anymore if the metric is better than any of the other paths?

You should be able to make this work with some metric changes.