Shortening IPv6 Addresses

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Hello Sir…
i want to know that string of zero’s can be removed by :: and a group of 4 zero’s can be removed by :0 but my question is that these two can be done in together or one can be removed at a time ?? i.e we can either remove string of zero or group of 4 zero’s at a time? or together?

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Hello Anshul

If you have the following address:


you can shorten it to:


but you can’t shorten it to:


A string of at least two sets of zeros such as :0000:0000: can be replaced with :: but a single string of zeros such as :0000: can only be replaced with :0:

Now having said that, even if you do it people will still know what you’re talking about, and some operating systems or network device firmware may even accept it, but according to the official rules, this is what needs to be done.

I hope this has been helpful!


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