Studying CCIE in Thailand

Hello everyone, my name is Cristian, I am Italian and I am currently studying CCIE R&S in Bangkok. I scheduled my exam for the 27 march in Hong kong.

Hi Cristian,

Welcome on board! Do you have the written or the lab exam the 27th?

Good luck studying!


Hello Rene, thanks so much I will have the LAB exam!

Welcome here. That is a bold plan. Also hope to do my lab in March or april. Would be interesting to see what your last 2 month plan is.

Good luck Cristian! The lab is a difficult exam, it takes quite some time to prepare for it. I can imagine Thailand is a nice place to study though :sunglasses:

Thanks Rene, yes, very difficult indeed! Also I am going to become father for the 2nd and 3d time as my wife will deliver very soon, probably already this month 2 twins therefore I am a very busy :slight_smile: To answer also Maikel my plan is quite straightforward: I am currently in a full time CCIE course in Bangkok which will end just before the exam. The way the course is structured is explaining in details the protocols, exactly as Rene does and insisting every day on the labs (for the time being every topic is explained in the morning and in the afternoon we practise it with a Lab). As soon as the theory will be completed we will study labs all day with the teacher and the last month we will make labs alone full time (with the possibility to ask the teacher in case of questions).
In a nutshell it is a 3 months full time bootcamp :wink:

I find Network Lessons extremely useful to integrate during evenings and weekends especially by going back any time to the topics just studied and enforcing the comprehension but also in all those situations in which I need to go back quickly to CCNAs and CCNPs explanations, I adore the way the index is structured because allow me to refresh the previous knowledge and afterwards going back immediately focusing on the CLI saving precious time.

Hello Cristian!

I wish you good luck in your endeavour to achieve CCIE status! I also wish you good luck as you become a father again! May the babies and your wife be happy and healthy and blessed!

It’s nice to hear that you find helpful in your efforts. We’re here to help in whatever we can!