Suggestion - Cisco Licensing Lesson?

One thing I have struggled with since completing my CCNA and going into the real world as a Network Engineer is dealing with Licensing as a topic and how it applies in the real world. I have come to realize that Cisco Licensing isn’t the easiest and there are plenty of gotcha’s that I have had to deal with.

One Example is that I recently had to RMA a Router that had MPLS configuration on it. I was able to load the correct iOS (as I had learnt about this previously on my CCNA) but soon after got stuck because none of the MPLS commands would work on the replacement device. After contacting Cisco TAC I was advised that most of the IOS-XE versions for Enterprise customers are universal and it all comes down to the license thats applied to each machine. All it took to resolve the MPLS issue was to change the license with a line of code that I wasn’t familiar with or had experience with.

If I ever see a Licensing Lesson on I’ll be crying with joy! I spent an hour or so in a Data Centre last night troubleshooting iOS images when it was simply a license command that would have done the job.

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