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Hi folks!

I’m Timo, from the Netherlands. So, not an awful lot to tell about my career, cause there hasn’t been one yet. I graduated for my bachelors in System & Network engineering in june 2017. Did an awesome graduation project on Cisco software defined access at a Cisco gold partner. After that, i went travelling for almost a year, meaning i lost a lot of knowledge. When i got back a month or 2 ago I dove right back at it to study for at least my CCNA to refresh and to get better. Im sure this will provide a solid foundation for when i start my real job as an associate engineer at Dimension Data in september. From there i hope to grow quickly and develop lots of skills. My ambitions are endless, i absolutely love it and i would like to follow so many tracks; NP and IE, wireless, design, datacenter, security etc. I have my own lab with four 2811’s, two 3560’s, two 2960’s and an ASA 5510. I can easily be busy labbing stuff up whole day, time goes so fast this way!

When i started studying what i did, i did not even know what Cisco was at all, some 4 years ago. I actually figured out that i love it by complete coincidence but am very grateful to have found something i love. I am confident and super enthusiastic to build up a great career! If i could do it all over and knew more, i would have skipped the bachelors to dive into Cisco right away.

To Rene; am very grateful for the time and devotion you put into your quality lessons!

Best of luck and blessings to you all,


Hi Timo,

Welcome on board! Glad to hear you like my work :sunglasses:

With your enthusiasm for Cisco and the time you spend at it, you’ll probably do great when you start that job :smile:

Having a bachelor is great to have btw. It might not serve you directly but it is good to have on your resume. It’s also pretty much timeless, 20 years from now it will still have value. A bachelors + hands on skills and certificates is a great combination :+1:


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Welcome to the forum Timo!

I am so glad to hear that you got a job working on Cisco gear! I would love to work on Cisco gear at work, but all I ever get to touch is Cisco small business equipment. Every once in a while I will get lucky and get to troubleshot a catalyst lol. I hope to see you around the forum sharing your knowledge and experiences!


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