Topics to follow the exam blue print

HI Rene,

Another suggestion from me which i think would be VERY helpful, when we click into the appropriate exam on your site, we have a list of topics which i see kind of follows the exam blue print.

If possible please could either this be changed (if it has enough up votes) or a setting in your profile be implemented where you can toggle the view to change it to follow the blue print order to the letter.

I think this will make studying for the exam much easier to follow.

Let me provide an example as to what i mean, i’ll use the CCNP ENCOR exam as a guide:

On your site currently you have the below (which to an extent matches the blue print in terms of worded sections)


However me personally would find it easier if it was like this:
Screenshot from 2020-01-04 16-59-16

1.0 Architecture would be where Switch is with the black + to expand and this would open up with 1.1, 1.2 and so forth and then the relevant links underneath.

Hope this is clear and could be a valid improvement :slight_smile:

Hello Matthew,

I agree this would be helpful. When we built the new CCNA, ENCOR, and ENARSI menus I took this into account.

There are some problems though to build a course menu that 100% matches the blueprint:

  • The order of topics on the blueprint is not the best way to learn everything for someone who just wants to go through all the material A-to-Z.

For example:

  • Blueprint topic 1.7 is about CEF, MAC address table, TCAM, FIB, RIB.
  • Blueprint topic 2.0 is about Virtualization
  • Blueprint topic 3.0 Infrastructure jumps back to L2 and L3.

These topics jump all over the place :grin: For a newcomer, it makes more sense to start with the basics, then cover L2, L3, etc…Once you understand L3 and basic routing, explain what CEF is, etc. At the end…cover topics like virtualization, automation, etc.

So, we built the course menu in what I think is the “best” order to learn all these topics.

Still…like you, there are plenty of people who prefer to study from the blueprint. I also need something to track which lessons cover which blueprint topic so that’s what we did:

This is not 100% complete yet but it will be. It is helpful for those who want to use the blueprint as a guideline to study.

I’m also looking into a “detailed blueprint”.

Last week I went through the Cisco Press ENCOR book and it covers so much more that is not on the blueprint.

Hope this helps for now!


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Rene this is absolutely brilliant, thank you.

Now i understand why you have done it the way you have done it on the site.

I will use both the site and the air table link and will look at the Cisco Press ENCOR book as well :slight_smile:

For ease of access could you add in on the main page of the Encor exam a link to the airtable please?

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Rene, just so you know i am actively using the air table and it’s working great for me :slight_smile:

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