Troy from USA

Hello World!

I’m a new member, with a broad range of experiences in my long career(s)–and currently needing to brush up on my networking skills. I have previously attended CCNA bootcamp courses but have never completed any certification (a goal of mine). Previously I managed a network department at a small university, and learned much of what I know by just trying to keep the network up. My current career is in the simulation industry and I’m working on networking multiple devices across a WAN–so these skills are needed again!

Anyway, bear with me while I work my way through the practical and academic aspects of networking–and thanks in advance when I ask those hopefully-not-too-dumb questions.


Hello Troy,

Welcome on board! There are no dumb questions so if anything comes to mind, let us know :slight_smile:

Good luck!


Hello Troy!

It’s great to have you on board! We look forward to responding to the questions and queries that arise as you go through the lessons found on this site. We hope that it will help you on your journey and will provide you with all you need to be successful in your career!