VRF route leaking on Nexus 7k

Hi Guys,

I’m looking for a guidance setup between my 3 Customers’ VLANs and my building network on nexus7k with VRF leaking .







My main building network:


My main building network VLAN 5 can access to all VLANs and can go to the internet (default route).

CustomerA’s VLAN 10 can access to VLAN 5 and internet but can’t access to VLAN 20 and 30.

CustomerB’s VLAN 20 can’t access to all VLANs but can go to internet.

CustomerC’s VLAN 30 can access to all VLANs but can’t go to the internet.

If OSPF is used in this case, how would I accomplish this? Thanks alot!

Hello Tom

The scenario that you describe doesn’t need to involve VRFs or route leaking. You are describing a single nexus device that has several VLANs, and each VLAN has its own subnet. You can accomplish this using interVLAN routing and access lists.

However, if you would like to implement route leaking and VRFs, take a look at the following lesson. It describes the configuration for IOS devices, but the principles are the same for nexus. Review the lesson, and if you have any more specific questions, let us know.

I hope this has been helpful!


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