VTP Version 3

Hello CTE

Indeed it is possible to enable or disable VTP on a per-interface basis. This is only supported by VTPv3. Note that when you disable VTP on an interface, both incoming and outgoing VTP messages are blocked. By default, VTP is enabled on all trunk ports.

Now having said that, VTP can’t be disabled globally as a feature, but if you want to disable it (which is best practice if you’re not using it), the best way to do so is to configure the switch in VTP transparent mode.

Now could you achieve something similar by disabling VTP on all interfaces? Yes, you could, but that is a little bit more difficult to administrate and manage. Remember, the no vtp command can only be applied on trunk ports. If you make a change to a switch and configure a new trunk port, you may forget to issue the no vtp command, thus possibly causing problems. With the global transparent mode configuration, it’s a safer bet because it’s a global command that won’t be affected by changes to the modes of specific ports. Does that make sense?

I hope this has been helpful!


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