Wireless Encryption and Integrity

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Do CCMP and GCMP provide message integrity checks or just authentication and encryption? Do you have any resources which point to how the data integrity can be verified using these algorithms? I.e how would I know the data hasn’t been modified in the communications channel ?

Hello Yash

Doing a bit more reading online, I have found that CCMP uses CBC-MAC which stands for cypher block chaining message authentication code, which is a technique for constructing a message authentication code. This delivers both authentication and integrity. In addition to this, CCMP also provides data confidentiality using what is known as CTR mode.

Similarly, GCMP also delivers authentication, encryption, as well as integrity checks.

To understand the operation of these algorithms in detail, I found that a good place to start is their Wikipedia pages for both CCMP and GCMP. From there you should find links that take you to more detailed operation descriptions.

I hope this has been helpful!