Wireless High Client Density

Hello Mirko

WiFi 6 is also considered a valid solution for high density WiFi. WiFi 6 has two specific features that aid in increasing capacity: Spectral efficiency, as well as an extension of the available frequencies and channels.

Spectral efficiency refes to the methoology by which multiple clients are managed and how efficiently the available spectrum is leveraged. WiFi6 uses what is known as orthgonal frequency division multiple access (OFDMA) which brings better spectrum use, improved power control to avoid interference, and enhancements like 1024‑QAM, MIMO and MU-MIMO for faster speeds.

WiFi6E, where “E” stands for “Extended”, is the version of WiFi6 that includes the extension of the WiFi 6 standard into the 6 GHz band. This new band opens up more than 1,200 MHz of spectrum for WiFi which means we have more channels available to us than those provided by the 2.4 and 5GHz bands alone. This does indeed provide us with an additional set of non overlapping channels, but only for clients that support this extended frequency range.

I hope this has been helpful!