3850 Management Interface

Ahoy mates,

Our network lacks enough vertical fiber pairs to support a true OOB management network.

Could I assign an IP address and connect a cable to Gi0/0, connect it to a port on the front panel that belongs to my “Management VLAN”?

I’m assuming that if the trunk for the Mgmt VLAN is properly created and assign my computer to the Mgmt access port, I would have built a Hybrid OOB Network.

What are you thoughts?

Hello Bradley

The solution you suggest is a viable one. You should be able to have access to the management interface of a device in this way. However, by doing so you negate the very purpose of an OOB management option. OOB is used so that in the event that a network goes down, you have an alternate path to reach a management interface without using the downed part of the network. With your solution here, you are depending on the production network to get to your management interface. It is essentially the same as obtaining management CLI access through a network SVI without the use of external cabling connecting particular ports to the management port.

Ideally, you should find a physically separate path to get to your management interfaces, and in some cases, this means the installation of new vertical cabling.

I hope this has been helpful!