Amedeo from Italy

Hello Friends,

I’m Amedeo from Italy.

I have been working as a network engineer for 5 years.
I would like to deep dive into networking concept and improve my skills.

A special thanks, to a lot Rene for creating a wonderful platform for us.


Ciao Amedeo!

Welcome on board :sunglasses: Do you just want to learn a bit more about networking or do you plan to get any certifications?

Buona giornata,


I Rene
Thank you for the welcome.
Unfortunately, I think I did something stupid.
I wanted to download a lesson locally using a tool. I do not always manage to be online. I’m sorry maybe I’ve committed an anti-ethical action.
Excuse me but my intent was for private use.
Thank you

Hello Amedo,

I see your account is unlocked again. Downloading with tools is something we don’t permit :slight_smile: