Anapaya Edge Gateway -

Dear Sir,

In summary,

this Anapaya Gateway device needs to install in SEC VLAN -182 network with IP address at Level 6
Currently NEXUS Core Switch HSRP configured as VIP as gateway. Primary Nexus and Secondary

Those client IPs mentioned below (same VLAN as Anapaya gateway) will point to as the gateway out to internet (to SCION network).

Core switch default Route point to Firewall. Firewall default Route point to Router.

Future plan is to have Level 8 VLAN 184 network (different VLAN) also point to Verify this requirement whether it is possible.

Attached existing network diagram for your kind reference.

Please would like to know whether below configuration is viable?

Thank you


Hello Mani

What you describe seems reasonable and possible. You mention that the future plan is to have the network also point to, but this is not in the same subnet, and routing must be in place to get there. That routing can be implemented in either the firewall pair or the pair of nexus 7010s.

I’m not quite sure if I am adequately answering your question, because even with the diagram, it is not quite clear what you want to achieve. If you need further help or guidance, can you clarify so that we can help you further?

I hope this has been helpful!