Andrei from Romania

Hello guys,

I’m Andrei and I am 25. Currently I am IP Engineer at Ericsson. I have studied mostly all of the CCNA/CCNP topics by reading books and watching some videos.

It’s my 1st day here and I can say that I am really impresed.

You’ve done a great job here @ReneMolenaar and I am sure I have a ton of new things to learn around here.

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Welcome Andrei! I am glad you are enjoying the site so far! Feel free to post any questions you have in the forum. Also don’t be afraid to answer questions that other users have.

Hi Andrei,
Welcome in Network lessons…
Hopefully you will enjoy with all lesson of Rene’s…Have a nice journey with us…

Thanks & Regards,

Hello Andrei!

Welcome on board! It’s great to have people like you involved in the forum, who are active in the field and who have the desire to move up and go forward. We try to do our best here at Networklessons, and @ReneMolenaar has indeed done a great job with the lessons and the site.

We wish you success in all you do, and we’ll be here to help you along the way in any way we can…


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Thank you for your words. Yea, before buying a subscription I did not know about the forum and how active it is. I trully believe that is even better than Google. It’s a good place to ask your questions and expect technical answers.

Keep doing the good job and you won’t create only a platform. You’ll create an enviroment, a place where you know you will always find the answers you want.