ASA anyconnect

I have anyconnect working before, i can login and see the display but i can’t browse the internet , i try to fix it, in that process , my anyconnect stop working, each time i try to reload the image i get this message " error unable to load anyconnect image-extraction failed " any suggest please .

Hmm normally that sounds like a bad file or a missing file but since you had it working before, that shouldn’t be the case.

When it was working, is it possible that you missed something with your NAT configuration?

how can i correct the file ? any other file i can use that is free because the users really need to use it .
when i use vpnclient to connect, it connects fine without disconnecting me from the network but not anyconnect .


If the file is corrupt then the only official way to get them is from the support site. You can verify that hash to make sure the file is 100% ok. Perhaps your file is fine but it’s another issue…