ASA Replacement

I have to replace four ASA 5550s running version 8.2.5 with four 555Xs running version 9.1.X. I tried to convert the configuration from 8.2.5 to the latest by stepping through the recommended upgrade process. I have a test 5550 and I put the production configuration on it after I down graded the device to 8.2.5. I was going to change the boot option to boot into 8.4.3, but when I did that the firewall hit a snag with the conversion and went into an endless loop. Since I captured the reboot process I saw the message that in the outside ACL one of the objects were too long, 15 characters. Does anyone know if there is a limit on the object names?


Hi Zoltan,

I’m curious which exact error you got. You still have it in the logs somewhere? On ASA version 9.x, the character limit for objects seems to be 129 characters.


Sorry for the late response. I got around the issue by using version 8.2.5 as the base instead of the version 8.2.3. That seemed to solve the issue.