ASA standby/failover

Hi Rene,

What would be the scenario if the failover link between the two ASAs fail ??

Hi Shashi,

Here’s what happens:

The security appliance determines the health of the other unit by monitoring the failover link. When a unit does not receive three consecutive hello messages on the failover link, the unit sends interface hello messages on each interface, including the failover interface, to validate whether or not the peer interface is responsive. The action that the security appliance takes depends upon the response from the other unit. See the following possible actions:

- If the security appliance receives a response on the failover interface, then it does not fail over.

- If the security appliance does not receive a response on the failover link, but receives a response on another interface, then the unit does not failover. The failover link is marked as failed. You should restore the failover link as soon as possible because the unit cannot fail over to the standby while the failover link is down.

- If the security appliance does not receive a response on any interface, then the standby unit switches to active mode and classifies the other unit as failed.

Cisco ASA Configuring Failover