Asa5525 nat

Sorry guys for the repeat to my original post ASA5525 NAT, I was trying to update it with my findings but for some reason wasn’t able to. But at any rate here was the fix to my issue:

Problem solved so the reason why I wasn’t able to add the following object NAT

object network PSREPORTS04
 nat (any,any) static

was due to this being on top

object network dmz
 nat (dmz,outside) dynamic interface

I had to remove my object NAT and change it to a manual NAT as follows:

nat (dmz,outside) source static prsreports04

once I did that I was able to see it in the configuration when I did a show run and when I check for the translations I was able to see it

ColoASA# sh xlate | inc
NAT from dmz: to outside:

I need to review my NATs, thank you Laz for the NAT config lesson I will need to review in depth.

Appreciate your help!!!

Thank you, sir!!!