BGP Additional Paths

Hello @lagapides

Thank you so much for the reply. It is clear to me now :slight_smile:

Let’s suppose, there is no route reflector(R2) in the same topology. R2 is just like a ibgp neighbor.
In this case, does R4 and R5 exchange the ibgp routes to each other about the ip prefix
On R4:
Can we see 2 BGP routes. one best path as ebgp and the other ibgp route via R5.
On R5:
Can we see 2 BGP routes. one best as ebgp route and the other ibgp route via R4.

Hello Moulali

If there is no route reflector in the topology, then iBGP requires that you have a full mesh iBGP neighbor peerings. That means that each iBGP router will receive BGP routes from all other iBGP routers. In this case, R4 should see the route to via R5 and visa versa. But the eBGP path will be chosen as the “best” path to that destination in both cases.

So yes, what you describe in your post is correct.

I hope this has been helpful!