BGP Configuration

I am confused regarding the solution as traceroute command from Maria to fails. in the chapter.
What would be the correct configuration in production/real-time, let’s suppose I have the same topology in my company. How I would configure it?

Maria - Jim : EBGP Neighbourship
John - Emma : EBGP Neighbourship
Loop advertise into AS3

What would be the configuration in AS2?

Hello Hemant

There may be various things that can cause such a failure, however, we need more information in order to help you out. First of all, let us know which lesson this particular scenario is from so that we know more details about the specific configuration. Although the diagram looks similar to those created by Rene on the site, I don’t believe it comes from any lesson I’m familiar with. In any case, let us know more so that we can help you out further.

I hope this has been helpful!