BGP Shadow Route Reflector

Hi Rene,

What and all are the different implementations of RR in BGP and can you please explain in detail about Shadow RR.

Hello Sushanth

You can find out more about route reflectors in BGP in general at this lesson:

Now a shadow route reflector, also known as a diverse-path route reflector, is a route reflector that distributes the second best path, also known as the diverse path, to a destination. The purpose of such a setup according to Cisco:

The BGP Diverse Path Using a Diverse-Path Route Reflector feature overcomes the lack of path diversity in an AS containing route reflectors. This feature is meant to provide path diversity within an AS, within a single cluster only. That is, a route reflector is allowed to advertise the diverse path to its client peers only. For each route reflector in the AS, a shadow route reflector is added to distribute the second best path , also known as the diverse path .

You can find out more information about the diverse path route reflector at this Cisco documentation:

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