BGP update packet

My CE router is sending plenty of subnets to PE. I have captured .pcap file of BGP update and I would like to see one of specific NLRI information form the pcap file. When I have opened the pcap file there are plenty of NLRI info .How can I filter for specific subnet .

Example :- From the plenty of subnets I would like to see only and their attributes .Is it possible if yes how ?

Thanks in advance

Hello BGP

Using Wireshark, it is possible to search for a particular string within a packet. Choose Edit → Find Packet… and then in the first dropdown, choose Packet details, which says that the search should look within the packets themselves to find the string, and in the third dropdown, choose String. You can then choose whatever you like to search for, and it will find it within the packets themselves. Here’s a screenshot that will help visualize this:

If you search for the particular IP address for the NLRI you are looking for, it should appear in the results.

I hope this has been helpful!