BSR and Filtering

I have a 3750X switch with routing and multicast enabled. How can I prevent igmp joins from a specific multicast group?

I have tried profile filtering, multicast boundry acl, and access-list but nothing seem to work. I was thinking I could make the switch a BSR and Candidate RP since the group I want to block is its own network. May then apply the bsr boundry to prevent unwanted igmp joins from being seen through the network.

Hi Shannon,

Normally, IGMP profiles on the switch should do the job or you can filter on the router:

I don’t remember having any issues when I tried those options. Is there anything else in your configuration that could influence this?

Hi Rene,

I figured it out! Our ACL was not configured properly. I created an ACL that blocks icmp, ip, and pim from a specific multicast group as well as non-broadcast source IP. After watching the hits, we realized the traffic hit the IP acl from the source IP. Now everyone seem to be happy… slight_smile:

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