Can DMVPN spoke and hub be configured on sam Router?

(Rohit P) #1


I am trying to configure DMVPN Hub and Spoke on a single router, although all the configs are right i do not see Tunnel getting formed ? Just wanted to know if it is possible to configure this on a single router ? I can share the configs if you want to take a look

(Rohit P) #2

@ReneMolenaar Hey Rene can you share your thoughts on this ??

(Rene Molenaar) #3

Well, the least amount of routers you will need is two…one hub and one spoke.

(Rohit P) #4

@ReneMolenaar I created multiple vrfs to accommodate this with both the tunnels in different vrfs . That also won’t work ??

(Rene Molenaar) #5

Hmmm not sure if that would work :slight_smile: One VRF for the hub, another for the client? Why would you want to try this?