CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure

Hi Rene,

Always liked your content so finally subscribed to this (GNS3 vaults :).) Will you be creating content for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure lab track as I am hoping to do my first attempt Fall 2020 with my current schedule.

It feels like there is a good chunk of lessons on this site are relevent to the exam topics still just wondering what the future holds?

Many Thanks

Hello George,

I probably will, at the moment I’m wrapping up the CCNA / CCNP ENCOR + ENARSI exams. Once that’s done, I’ll take a look CCIE enterprise. I probably have most of the topics already.


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Very much looking forward to the new CCIE course…

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Hi Rene,

when can we see the CCIE enterprise infrastrucrure lessons at this website? Do you have a date in your mind?


Hello Murat,

I hope to have the new CCIE Enterprise course online next week. The courses for CCNA, ENCOR, and ENARSI are now online. CCIE Enterprise is next. There are still some topics on the blueprint that I’ll have to add but most of it will be there.


Hi Rene

I can see on the website there is one course called “CCNP ENCOR 300-401” and the other one “CCIE Enterprise infrastructure” I’d like to know the difference between them cause as far as I know for CCIE Enterprise infrastructure we need to study CCNP ENCOR 300-401 for the written exam.


Hello Mohammad

You are correct, that a prerequisite for the CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure certification is indeed the CCN ENCOR 300-401 written exam. The CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure section in NetworkLessons is for the practical lab exam required for the CCIE certification. You can find out more about this specific practical exam at this Cisco link.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Laz

Thanks for clarifying this.

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