CCIE Lab Tools

Good day!

I have the following questions:

  1. I have seen different examples of the doc cd that’s available during the exam. Where can I find the one that is the same one available during the exam?

  2. Is a text editor (ie notepad) available during the exam?

  3. Is there something to write on (ie whiteboard tablet) during the exam?

  4. What other tools are available?

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Hi Danny,

It has changed since I did the CCIE R&S lab in 2013 but I believe this is what you can use:

Search is disabled so you have to browse your way around. Don’t rely on this though…I only used it once during the exam and only to double-confirm some obscure command that I wasn’t sure about. There is no time during the lab to look up a lot of stuff. All L2/L3 commands should be muscle memory.

You get a computer with a single (24 inch) screen and a Logitech keyboard (something like the M200) some sheets of paper and pencils. No tablet or anything. If you want to draw diagrams you’ll have to do it on paper.

On the computer, you can use some common applications like calculator and notepad. I did 99% of the configurations in notepad and then pasted them to the devices.

To access the lab, you can only use putty. I’m not 100% sure but I think right-mouse-click-pasting was disabled.

Compared to our home setups with dual screens and fancy consoles, the lab environment is much simpler but it does the job. Some people seem to freak out if they have to work on a keyboard that they don’t like or with putty that they don’t usually use but this won’t make the difference between passing the lab or not :smile:

Good luck!


Hi Rene,

Always good to hear from you.

Great post. Very helpful.

One of the reasons I want to consult rather than work someplace full time is because I enjoy my home setup so much.

All the best, Rene!

Does the lab have split screen?

Can split left and right high with high low (3 windows)

Hi Daniel,

I totally agree. It’s a lot better to have a decent computer with a couple of screens, a keyboard that you love etc. instead of some company issued laptop or something like that :grin:

When I did the lab, I think they still used Windows 7 on the computers. It’s probably Windows 10 now so you can easily drag/resize some windows. I had a putty session open for every device I could connect to.