CCIE R&S LAB Preparation

Hi Rene,

I have started preparing for CCIE R&S Lab Exam. If you could guide me about the “Topics” I should cover and the “way of preparation” which I should follow from day 1.

Anything else or any kind of documents you want to share with me, it will be always appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Hello Manami

It’s great to hear that you’re on your way to preparing for the CCIE R&S exam. We wish you success in your endeavour!

As for preparation, Rene has a very comprehensive description of the CCIE R&S Lab exam at this link here:

In this course, he has the very first section called “Unit 1: Preparation”. In there you will find useful information about resources, how to prepare and what to expect. He has information about where to start, how to approach the preparation and what topics should be covered. Included as well is a list of reading materials that will help you on your way. Much of the content in this unit is in video format as well.

If after reading through this comprehensive preparation guide you have more specific questions, please feel free to ask! That’s why we’re here!

I hope this has been helpful.