CCIE re-certfication

Hi All, I am new to the forum. Could not find any discussion topics on CCIE re-certification requirements. In the last one year, Cisco has changed the requirements a lot for re-certification path. Used to be a simple written test. Can someone please share a plan leveraging Networklesson’s wide coverage topics like (1) getting a CCNP in so and so topics followed by etc. etc/?
Would really appreciate any suggestions in this regard.

Hello Utpal

In the past, the CCIE recertification was indeed simply a written test. Now you have many more options available to you for CCIE recertification. These are outlined in detail at the following link:

Cisco now allows you to recertify in various ways. You can take a combination of one or several exams at different levels. These are detailed in the link above.

Alternatively, you can recertify by accumulating the required amount of Continuing Education (CE) credits. CE credits are earned by taking online training courses, instructor-led training courses, and participating in Cisco Live events. To renew your CCIE, you need to achieve 120 CEs.

You can also recertify using a combination of CEs and certain exams. All of the combinations that achieve recertification are detailed in the link above.

More about CEs and how to earn them can be found here:

If you would like a more detailed explanation and you believe a separate lesson would be useful for both you and others, I suggest you go to the Member Ideas page and make a suggestion. You may find that others have made similar suggestions, and you can add your voice to theirs.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi Laz,
Thanks a lot for detailed guidance. This was really helpful.
In the CE option:

  • Pass one technology core exam and earn 40 CE credits
  • Pass any two professional concentration exams and earn 40 CE credits
  • Pass any one professional concentration exam and earn 80 CE credits

Can I take advantage of the course materials presented by Network Lessons like Technology Core or Professional Concentrations etc to pass those exams?



Hello Utpal

NetworkLessons contains much information about a lot of network topics, but the only certifications for which it has complete information are those found under the Courses → Cisco submenu:

The technology core exam covered completely on NetworkLessons is the CCN ENCOR 350-41, and the professional concentration exam covered completely on NetworkLessons is the ENARSI 300-410. If you choose to write other core or concentration exams, you will find some content on NetworkLessons overlaps with some of what they cover, but there is no guarantee that everything you need will be found here…

I hope this has been helpful!