CCIE Written Exam Expired

Can anyone please suggest me .
i passed my CCIE written exam on 22nd July 2016
Can i sit for CCIE lab on 22nd January 2018

please please kindly advise me. there is no dates in January before 22nd January at my nearest exam centre. Moreover it would be great to prepare if i can sit middle of January.

Is it possible to request Cisco to open a date?

thanks in advance

Hi Abdus,

According to the Cisco website:

You must make an initial attempt at the CCIE lab exam within 18-months of passing the CCIE written exam

So that would be 5 January 2018. I doubt they will open an extra seat but you can always try. Are there no other sites nearby that are worth the travel? Even if you have to fly/drive, it might be worth it compared to the trouble of doing the written exam again.

Hi Rene,

Thank you very much for your reply.
I am bit confuse because i calculated like you and you are correct. 5 Jan should be my deadline. But the online system allowing me to book on 22nd and 23rd Jan also. But it is not allowing me on 24th Jan getting an error " You must have to sit within 18 Month of Written exam.". It would be really great if i can book the Lab on 22nd Jan.
Can i book 22nd Jan since system allowing me to do so? will it be an issue later on? Kindly advise.


Hi Abdus,

That is weird…I wouldn’t expect it to be possible to book it on the 22nd. If it’s possible, I would probably just do it.

If you log in the Certification Tracking, does it show a different end date for your written exam?