CCNP or CCIE written?

Hi Renee,

I am a software developer in a Networking company.I was a forwarding person and now i gained interest to know what is happening in the upper layers which would help me architect the network devices better. For the knowledge sake ,to learn about about various routing protocols, what do you suggest ? Should I do CCNA/CCNP or just try the CCIE written or Are there any other certifications out there for routing protocols ?

My plan with writing exams is that i will have a goal and have set of topics to read rather than random reading.
Are there any mock test certifications that could do Instead ?

Let me know need your thoughts.

Hi Nandakm,
Keep in mind that any Cisco based Routing and Switching focused exam will most heavily test on layers 2, 3, and 4. So, when you say upper layers, if you mean 5-7, you might want to look elsewhere.

I think the answer for you solely depends on how deep you want to go. If your goal is to become a better developer at a networking company, then I would recommend a CCNA. Over the years, Cisco has greatly increased the scope and difficulty of that exam, and it should give a pretty comprehensive understanding of what is going on with networking.

Keep in mind that without a current CCNA cert, you are not allowed to sit for any CCNP R&S exam (but you are allowed to take the CCIE Written). So, my recommendation is to start reading through the materials for CCNA. If you find that it is too easy for you, or you aren’t getting the level of detail you want, then take the CCNA exam, and move on to CCNP.

I recommend against the CCIE unless you are planning to make a career out of it. This is an extremely difficult test, and the level of detail and trivia you will need to know won’t serve you well if you still plan to be a developer.

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Hi Andrew ,

Yes I’m more looking to master layer 2,3,4 . It sounds CCNA followed by a ccnp is the way to go for a protocol developer .

Yes I’m not planning to move to a TAC or network deployment anytime sooner . Thanks for the inputs . Much appreciated .
Will start the CCNA