CCNP Route Test exam error


I think I found an error within the Route test exam:

“Advertise” is indeed correct according to my findings, while “Offer” is for DHCPv4 and not DHCPv6.

@ReneMolenaar: Can you please check that?

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Klaus Kruse


This is another one:

The answers are for the question “Which of the following is an indication that synchronization has not occured?”, but not the negated one. Or am I confused here?

Hello Klaus

Thanks for catching these. I have gone in and I have fixed both errors. Your sharp eye is much appreciated!


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Thank you @lagapides :slight_smile:

Hi Lazaros,
Fortunately I have recently passed CCNA 200-125 and have studied CCNP route topics that I have just finished OSPF. What is your recommendation should I continue reading or there are some changes in CCNP as there are in CCNA? Waiting for your response.
Thanks in advance.

Hello Muhammad

First of all, any studying that you have done on any of the CCNP topics on the site does not go to waste regardless of which exams you will be taking. Many of the fundamental topics have remained the same. Having said that, if you are planning on taking a CCNP exam before the February 23 deadline, the content of the CCNP courses (SWITCH, ROUTE, TSHOOT) are relevant. However, if you will be taking one of the new exams, then you should begin looking at these courses that Rene is currently adding to daily:

The ENCOR exam is the first you should be studying for. It is the core exam for all CCNP certifications. The ENARSI course involves advanced routing, which is kind of the counterpart of the old CCNP R&S.

You can find out more about these exams at the following Cisco link:

I hope this has been helpful!


Thanks Lazaros, It was very helpful.

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