Ccnp route

I want to get ready to take my ccnp route exam before February I am wondering if all the topics are covered in the network lessons route course? asking this as I have looked at the cisco whitepapers and the list of topics looks a lot more daunting than what is presented on the route course on this site.

Thanks in advance

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@ReneMolenaar I would be interested to hear an answer to this too. I’m shooting for my CCNP R&S too after passing my CCNA R&S back in May, and I’ve heavily contemplating getting a subscription to pair with INE.

Also, what is the difference between NetworkLessons and your books? I take it your GNS3Vault books are supplemental labbing?

Thanks, and I look forward to a response, Rene.


Hello Dominic

The lessons on this site are specifically designed for the requirements of the specific CCNP exams. The content is based on the exam topics outlined on Cisco’s site. As you go through the lessons, you will see that you will gain a fuller understanding of the concepts, and then when you go back to the official Cisco topics list, you will find that you have indeed covered those topics.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hi guys,

I made sure to include each topic that you’ll find on the exam. If you do run into anything you feel that I don’t have here, let me know. For the 2020 exams I’m creating a list so you can see which blueprint topics refer to the lessons here.

The books are similar to the content here. Same writing style, visuals, and explanations. I stopped writing books because it’s so much easier to publish online. We also have videos and the forum here.


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