Ccnp scor (350-701)

Hello…I’m looking to renew my CCNP by taking the CCNP SCOR 350-701 exam. I can see that doesn’t have a curriculum lined that’s geared specifically for this exam…but can someone recommend which lessons on this site I should review for the purposes of this specific exam? I would guess that at least some of the lessons here can apply to this exam. Thank you.

Hello Mike

Looking over the blueprint of the CCNP SCOR exam, I see that there are some areas that are already covered in the lessons found on the site. I can give you a general guideline as to what lessons may be helpful to you.

I have created a NetworkLessons note that shows the correspondence between the various topics on the blueprint and lesson keywords that you can use to search the lessons. Take a look and let us know if this is sufficient.

I hope this has been helpful!



Much appreciated. Thank you!

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