I have some sources that go into detail about QoS in CCNP Switch (videos on INE), some that kinda half mention it (Official Cisco Cert Guide textbook) and some that do not mention it at all (Ciscos “exam topics” page for the exam, and this website)

My questions is: Is QoS at all covered in the CCNP Switch exam? Is it best to learn a bit about QoS just in case? I am in quite a rush to get the exam complete before February so if it’s not needed for the exam I would rather leave it until I’ve passed the exams before studying.


Hello Paolo

Unfortunately, Cisco has never been very clear about their exam topics. They don’t go into detail when you look at the complete list of topics for the exam. So from that you can’t know 100% that it is or it is not on the exam. However, the only location where you would find QoS is under section 1.4 Configure and verify trunking in the Exam Topics of the SWITCH exam.

QoS takes place in the 802.1Q Tag for L2 so you’ll only find it there. In order to be safe, I suggest you go over the L2 QoS content found under Unit 2 “LAN QoS” of the Quality of Service course.

I hope this has been helpful!


I would advise you, from a strategic standpoint, to learn what you can about it.

If you want to get an idea of what you might see on an exam, Boson has a great exam tool that isn’t too expensive.

My strategy was to take as many different practice tests (from different creators) as possible and that seemed to work for me pretty well.

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Hi Austin/Laz,

Thank you both for the advice. I’ll be sure to make sure I have a look over some QoS prior to the exam.


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