CCNP SWITCH - Security Section

3rd CCNP SWITCH exam and 3rd failure and a very poor Security section. I am at a loss as I thought I was OK with the topics there. Any ideas for additional resources for when I try again?

Hello Mark

Don’t get discouraged, it’s a tough one, and most of us have been there at one time or another. Just keep at it and love what you do and do what you love.

I suggest you take a look at the percentages that they give you at the testing centre for the sections that you covered and see where your weak points are. Start studying there and work your way through.

Also, I suggest you lab up as many scenarios as you can. Creating the labs that Rene has in the lessons are one of the fundamental things that I have found that helped me out. In my opinion it is only by performing the labs that you can fully understand the concepts that you learn. The more you do the better the understanding.

And networklessons will be here to help you along the way!

I wish you success in all of your future exams!


U r not following any dumps?

Why would I be stupid enough to put my Cisco certification at risk by cheating? There are far too many people in the industry who think they can get through exams by swotting up on dumps and not actually learn the theory.

I am one for doing things by the book and actually understanding the concepts!

Its a very good approach.if u go like this i believe that you will be ready for half of CCIE exam.
But the question is why u need dumps?
Actually in CISCO exam there are MCQs, in mcqs there are 4 options, out 4 , 2 options are correct but u need to select one best option. So thats why u need dumps…

erm, no, you need to know the course materials inside out, you need to have a full and firm grasp of all the topics listed and all the topics that are almost in scope but might be thrown in (QoS, Wireless etc)

Imagine telling a prospective employer that you have CCNA/P CCIE Written and you failed the interview questions on the technologies as you relied on dumps to answer a question without actually knowing anything about the technologies.

Hello all

It’s always a good idea never to use dumps. Ultimately, if you do, you’re only cheating yourself. By legitimately passing an exam, you are not only getting a certification, but, more importantly, you are gaining the experience that comes only from studying, creating labs, asking questions and implementing network topologies. This experience is priceless.

A certification may get you a job, but it’s your experience that will make you a professional with the potential to grow your career. If you have a certificate without the experience to back it up, you can’t go very far.

If getting a certification is your goal, then use dumps. It’s easy. If that’s the case however, then you’ve lost your focus. Getting your certification should not be your goal. Your goal should be to advance your networking career. Certifications are only the stepping stones that will help you achieve that.

I hope this has been helpful!


I’ve taken and failed the 300-115 SWITCH test twice now and do feel that many of the test questions are downright unfair. I’ve seen several questions regarding material that isn’t covered in the Official Exam guides. I’ve had to start going into depth in reading Cisco PDFs on the material and still got several questions that had no mention in the Cisco Official Exam Certification Guide.

I thought the simlets were the best part of the exam, but some of the multiple choice questions I’m getting are so bizarre (i.e. no one in their right mind would do this in a production environment) or so irrelevant to what’s actually required in the real world.

That being said , I do plan on creating a list of the Cisco PDFs that I’ve found that would be most beneficial to study as part of this exam as part of my re-certification process.