CCNP V1.1updates

I hope all is well. Will there be any updates to CCNP Encore version 1.1? Thanks in advance


Hello Michael

I’ll let Rene know of your question and he’ll get back to you soon…


I also have the question. I’ve done a little research and i found this :

CCNP ENCOR v1.0 Blueprint (recently deprecated) :

CCNP ENCOR v1.1 Blueprint (New Release) :

I’d like to know if will update CCNP ENCOR lessons to fit the new version blueprint.


Thanks, Juan for the helpful information. Have you started your CCNP studies yet?

I’ve been studied/read the whole Official 350-401 cert guide (1.0 ver) + lessons , labs, trying to figure out how a certain protocol works, etc etc.
My plan is to cert at the end of this year or 2024 Q1

Doing the same on my end. Offical cert guide and Networklessons. I ordered the version 1.1 cert guide also. Should get it sometime this month. Juan would like to keep in touch and share CCNP information if it’s OK with you. Good luck studying.