cEdge onboarding

I’ve really enjoyed the Cisco SD-WAN Controllers Installation lesson. But where’s the cEdge onboarding lesson with the IOS-XE commands? I have 10 C1111X-8P routers and I managed to get them license on PnP on Software Central, but having trouble with installing certs now. On the vManage Settings - Hardware WAN Edge Certificate Authorization - should I be pasting the ROOT-CA.pem in for Enterprise Certificate? The vEdge Onboarding examples don’t help as much when I’m not on viptelaOS.

Hello Greg

Rene’s lessons do focus on onboarding the vEdge devices. However, if you’d like to see a lesson cEdge onboarding, I suggest you go to the Member Ideas page below and make your suggestion. You may find that others have made similar suggestions and you can add your voice to theirs.

In the meantime, take a look at this Cisco documentation that explains the onboarding process in detail.

Starting on page 33, you’ll see the onboarding process for Cisco IOS-XE SD-WAN devices. There, you will see several options including an automated deployment with a plug and play process, and a manual deployment option as well.

Let us know how you get along with your installation process, and if you need any further help.

I hope this has been helpful!


Thank you, Laz. I was able to successfully onboard the C1111-8P routers with your documentation. Much appreciated.


Hello Greg

Great to hear that the documentation was helpful! Thanks for sharing your results on the forum.