Choosing a Router for Frame Relay

I have a question about Frame Relay routers. Watching Rene’s video about recommended CCNA equipment, i am thinking about adding a fourth router into my setup.

I currently have 3 Cisco 1841 routers which are serial linked via WIC-2T connections.

I am a bit confused to which router to go for as I would like to try at doing Frame Relay, from what I understand I would need 3 serial connections from the frame relay router, could this work if I had another 1841 router using 2x 2 port WIC-2T modules then connecting them using the Serial0/1 interfaces ? Or would I have to invest in something like a Cisco 2801 Router which will allow me up to 4 modules to be installed with 3 individual WIC-2T modules ?

I include a pic of my setup for reference if needed :slight_smile:

Nadeem Shah

Hi Nadeem,

Nice lab :slight_smile:

You will need 3 serial interfaces on your frame-relay router so that you can connect one hub and two spoke routers.

A decent router would be the 2811. You could use 3x WIC-1T interfaces for this router or use the service module.

If you are only looking for a frame-relay switch then a 2600 is also a good option. These are cheap nowadays. You can use the NM-4T or NM-8T service modules for the 2600.

Be careful with the NM-4T and NM-8T modules btw. I believe these work in the 2600 but not in the 2800 series.


Thanks Rene

Just bought a 2811 of ebay. :slight_smile:

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