Cisco ACS to ISE migration


I currently have SNS-3515-ACS-K9 running I have to get two appliances for primary/secondary. Currently, I only have one appliance. The second appliance will be 3515-ISE-K9. Does Cisco provide a migration tool for me to upgrade ACS to ISE on the SNS-3515 I currently have? I was told they no longer support that. I find that hard to believe. Can anyone confirm that is correct? My goal was to have the migration tool 2.4 still on so I can see what applications ACS installed in ISE. It would be a bit hard if I am to start ISE from scratch on a second appliance. The migration tool 2.4 would save me a lot of time learning ISE. Anyone? Thank you, Vincent

Hi Vincent,

I never migrated ACS to ISE but I think it’s still possible. The tool is still here:

There were some licenses for if you wanted to migrate from ACS to ISE, those seem to be EOL:


let us know if it worked out. Which version of ISE you are migrating the ACS to ?

Hi Rene,

They don’t sell 3515 with ACS anymore. I do have the NAS-3515 which is still good. Can upgrading the existing ACS to ISE on the appliance? I am also, ordering a new NAS-3515-ISE. The migration can take place when I migrate ACS(from existing appliance) to the new appliance that runs ISE. That way I won’t have to reenter data from ACS on the new appliance - ISE. Thank you

Hi raghukaka,

It’ll be ISE version 2.4(new appliance I just ordered). The ACS is running 5.8(existing appliance)

Thank you,
Vincent Lagrotteria

Hello Vincent

According to Cisco documentation:

The move from Cisco Secure ACS to Cisco ISE is easy and costefficient.
Cisco ISE runs on the same Secure Network Server (SNS)
hardware platform as the Cisco Secure ACS. Migrate easily with existing
Cisco SNS 3515 and 3595 hardware. The Cisco ISE software is also
supported on VMware.

This was taken from the following documentation:

I hope this has been helpful!