Cisco ASA 5508x ADSM Configuration. Upgrading from ASA 5510

I currently have a Cisco ASA 5510 setup in my network. I am replacing it with a Cisco ASA 5508-x which I have connected to my laptop using a Cisco adapter plugged into the management console on the 5508. I am stuck with how to get ADSM up and running. I currently access our ADSM with an IP address of 10.10.1.x. This IP address will be assigned as the new 5508 replacement. How do I go about getting the website working because I have done the initial configuration and not able to connect to the ADSM site??


I could really use some assistance with this.


Hello Charles

There may be many reasons why you’re not able to connect to the ADSM web interface. You may have to revisit the configuration. Take a look at the following two links that may be of help:

I hope this has been helpful!