Cisco ASA 5520 Dispatch Unit

i have question this days i got a problem with Cisco ASA which used as a edge firewall in our enterprise -
The main problem is High CPU Usage due to dispatch unit i have attached the snapshot -This problem cause the internet to be very slow at working time , have you encountered such problem ??? Thanks …image

Hello Esuyawkal

The Dispatch Unit process in the ASA is the main packet processing process. It’s not immediately apparent where the problem resides. Just from these numbers you can conclude that the ASA is processing a high amount of traffic. In order to dig deeper you will have to do some further investigating.

This thread from Cisco’s Support Community deals with this very issue, and is quite thorough in the investigation process as it includes many commands and clues as to where to look next to determine your problem.

I hope this has been helpful!


Hello Lazaros , Thank for the reply i will try to dig on cisco community…

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