Cisco ASA Firewall

I have begun my first steps into learning about firewalls and was hoping this Cisco ASA course would provide an introduction to the concept of firewalls and then move into the specifics on the Cisco ASA platform.
Unless I have missed some areas within this Network Lessons portal that provide this, then I think it would be a good idea to include this

I have read your CCNA book which I found most invaluable - as it helped in attaining my CCNA (R&S)
I have also purchased your CCNP ( Routing ) book in pursuing my next step to attain CCNP accreditation.

Hi Sunil,

It sounds like a good idea to add some more background information about firewalls in general, this is something I will work on.


Thanks Rene and look forward to reading it when you have completed it


The firewall introduction is now online: