Cisco Asa Security Context

I understand that you can run security contexts to “virtualize” an ASA into two “separate” Firewalls for example.
But does anyone know if I had a physical ASA and using security contexts made it into two “separate” Firewalls would it be possible to run one of them in Transparent mode (L2) and the other as regular (L3) Firewall ?
Or are there any restrictions with using security contexts in that all contexts I create have to run at either L2 or L3 ?

Hello Sean

It is possible to run one context in transparent mode and another context as a regular firewall. There are only a few restrictions including the fact that you cannot share a single physical interface between multiple contexts if one of those contexts is transparent. In such a case, the interfaces must wholey belong to a single context.

You can find out more info about that here:

I hope this has been helpful!


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Thanks Lazaros, This is excellent information.

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