Cisco ASR920 /using it as switch

in our company we purchased a Cisco ASR920 router; having it 24 1Gbs and 4 10Gbs ports, I would use it as a switch as well as a router; it has IOS XE software so I hadn’t switch port mode configuration. So how can I set 2 or more ports as a switch to accept tagged or untagged traffic exacltly like a catalist switch?
Thank you so much in advance, Francesco.

Hello Francesco

The ASR920 is a carrier-grade converged access router, which means it cannot be configured with L2 functionality in the same way that an enterprise IOS switch should be. For Layer 2 features, you need to configure what are known as Ethernet Virtual Connections or EVCs, which are beyond the scope of Cisco certifications covered on this site. You can find out more information about these and how to configure them at the following links:

I hope this has been helpful!