Cisco Configuration Mode Exclusive

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Hello Rene,

what will happen when I configure “configuration mode exclusive auto” when there is already another user in the global config mode? Will he be kicked from the global config mode or is he not allowed to enter any configure command?

Kind regards,

Hi Bülent,

I haven’t tried it but I think nothing will happen. It doesn’t kick you out of the configuration mode but prevents you from entering it. The first time you enter the configuration mode after enabling it you will “lock” the config mode, not sooner.


Again a great configuration feature I didn’t know about.
I immediately applied it on my home routers and tried to do the same
on my ASA5505 and catalyst switch, but the “configuration mode”
is not available :frowning:

Although it’s very strange that the “show configuration lock” is working.
Perhaps configuration locking is possible on a catalyst only via a ACS server.

I strongly advise to enable the “exec-timout x x” feature on the vty lines when using the configuration lock.

Hi Rene,

I guess the question is…given that there are already two person playing on the config mode (person A and B). Person A configured the “configure mode exclusive” which is not originally on the config… what will happen to Person B? can he still commit changes? Or he will be thrown back to enable mode?

Hi Kelvine,

They will still be in configuration mode, even though one of them configured the command. The locking of the configuration mode happens once you type “configure terminal”…not when you are “in” the configuration mode.


That is a very good idea indeed, thanks for sharing Rikwin!

Hi Rikwin,

I think it’s only available on the routers. It works on IOS, IOS XE and XR. I googled for the ASA but couldn’t find anything…too bad.