Cisco IOS / Feature set question

I’m trying to set up a VoIP lab for Cisco Collaboration Cert. and am I guess a bit confused on the config of IOS vs. feature set. I have 4x2801 routers I used for my CCNA cert. and am just reusing them (hopefully) for this…

My initial understanding is the IOS contains feature sets, but a “license” is needed to unlock the functions of them. Received from Cisco. Doing a show run or show license…. will show what’s available… But aren’t there Eval licenses to use also? For lab work?? My confusion is I’m running the below config and if I do a show ver NO feature sets are listed, and if I do a show license… nothing is returned…

Can someone shed a little light on what I’m missing… This is a bit “embarrassing” but I guess this is the real world verses reading a couple books and writing a test…;(

My site work has all used the Universal IOS and the feature sets are already installed… So this might be a basic question…

VG#sho ver
Cisco IOS Software, 2801 Software (C2801-IPVOICE_IVS-M), Version 15.0(1)M10, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)
Technical Support:
Copyright (c) 1986-2013 by Cisco Systems, Inc.
Compiled Tue 26-Feb-13 14:00 by prod_rel_team

ROM: System Bootstrap, Version 12.4(13r)T5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

VG uptime is 2 hours, 15 minutes
System returned to ROM by reload at 01:26:25 PST Wed Aug 10 2016
System restarted at 01:27:55 PST Wed Aug 10 2016
System image file is "flash:c2801-ipvoice_ivs-mz.150-1.M10.bin"
Last reload type: Normal Reload

Cisco 2801 (revision 7.0) with 237568K/24576K bytes of memory.
Processor board ID FHK1012F2TU
2 FastEthernet interfaces
2 Serial(sync/async) interfaces
4 DSPs, 64 Voice resources
DRAM configuration is 64 bits wide with parity disabled.
191K bytes of NVRAM.
3713008K bytes of USB Flash usbflash0 (Read/Write)
126000K bytes of ATA CompactFlash (Read/Write)

License Info:

License UDI:

Device#   PID                   SN
*0        #######             #######		! - these are populated just #’d them out here.  My router at Work as *1 under Device# col..

Configuration register is 0x2102

VG#show license feature
No features are licensed in this image

VG#show inventory
NAME: "chassis", DESCR: "2801 chassis"
PID: CISCO2801         , VID: V04, SN: FHK1012F2TU

NAME: "motherboard", DESCR: "C2801 Motherboard with 2 Fast Ethernet"
PID: CISCO2801         , VID: V04, SN: FOC1009032H

NAME: "WIC/VIC/HWIC 1", DESCR: "WAN Interface Card - Serial 2T"
PID: WIC-2T            , VID: V01, SN: 36446832

PID: PVDM2-64          , VID: V01 , SN: FOC134347L6


As a side note:
I’m running CUCM 10.5 in my lab…(something) and I have 2 phones I’m testing with 7960, 7940. Neither registers (registered: unknown) in call manager, but I can change line numbers and display settings, in CUCM and see the updates on each of the phones… I can pick up the hand set and get a dial-tone, but when the phrase “your current options” flashes (constant flashing) the dial tone stops, it’s like the phone is reset. I have a couple IP communicator phones that both register, and can call each other… Which lead me down this path…

thanx for any advice


Hello Aaron

The 2801 routers, like all 28XX routers are part of the ISR-G1 family. Even though you are using version 15.X IOS, these routers do not use licenses to enable features. The features are enabled depending on the IOS file you are using. So by using the specific IOS file c2801-ipvoice_ivs-mz.150-1.M10.bin, you are using all the features included in that file.

Licensing on a universal IPS file started with the ISR-G2 family such as the 29XX.

For your specific file, you can look at the feature support on the Cisco website:

As for your phones, what you describe is very strange. You mention that the phones are not registered on the CUCM, but when you make changes on the line numbers you see the changes taking place on the screen of the phones themselves? If the phones don’t register, the message on their screens should say something like “phone not registered”.

Are you running the CUCM on a VM? Or do you mean you’re running CME on the router? If you clarify this, we might be able to tackle the problem.

I hope this has been helpful!


thank you for the response… I was able resolve this…

I am running on a VM - Fusion off my MBP…

I am able to get the phones connected and working using either SCCP or SIP… Depending on the model, depends on the protocol. Each will work with one, but unable to get them working if I try to switch protocols from SCCP to SIP.