Cisco IOS files for GNS3 simulator

Hi team,

its been a while since I started using this website. I would say its a awesome website to learn networking in a simple way…

Today I would like to know that from where & how I can get Cisco IOS files (lower/upper series routers) for GNS3 simulator software as I need to practice a lot … However I am using packet tracer which is pretty good for switching.

Is there any particular site to download it for free or I will have to pay for it ???

Please help me out . I would really appreciate for your quick response.

Thanks in advance.


Hello Gautam

Officially, IOS files for Cisco devices are not available for free. They must be purchased. GNS3 further explains this situation on their site.

If you do have Cisco hardware it is possible to copy the IOS file from that device and load it in GNS3, or if you have any friends or colleagues with hardware, you can obtain it from them.

It’s worth a try to do a search on Google concerning how to obtain IOS files for use with GNS3, you may get some more information about obtaining them from there.

I hope this has been helpful!