Cisco ISE personas

Can I remove PxGrid nd will it free up resources if I do?

Hello Michael.

For the benefit of those that are not familiar with it, let me just talk a little bit about ISE, personas, and the PxGrid service.

Cisco Identity Services Engine (ISE) utilizes “personas” to help define the specific roles a particular node will play in a network. Personas can include the Administration persona, Policy Service persona, and Monitoring persona, which respectively handle administrative tasks, policy enforcement, and monitoring.

The Policy Services Node (PSN) with enabled Policy Service ISE-PIC and PxGrid (Platform Exchange Grid) services is the one responsible for PxGrid functionality. PxGrid is a data sharing service that provides a unified framework where security products can exchange data and work together.

However, PxGrid requires resources to function and when you deactivate it, those resources can be freed up. In theory, by removing or deactivating PxGrid from a node, you could potentially free up resources (such as CPU, RAM, etc.) on that node.

However, the specific impact on resource allocation would depend on the overall workload on your ISE and how much load PxGrid was placing on the system. So, yes, it may free up some resources, but the extent of the effect would depend on the specific situation.

Keep in mind that disabling or removing PxGrid could affect other services and applications that depend on the data it provides. Always carefully consider the potential impacts before making significant changes to your network configuration.

I hope this has been helpful!