Cisco New CCNA/CCNP/CCIE 2020 Exams

Hello Fabio,

The first time I heard about the new exams, it was a bit of a shock :sweat_smile: Cisco throws everything upside down. All CCNA exams are gone except for one “general” CCNA exam. CCNP is also completely different now.

The new CCNA 200-301 exam is pretty good though. Most topics are about R&S with some newer topics like network automation. There is about 25% less material compared to the old ICND1 + ICND2 exams. CCNA now covers the “basics” and everything else is moved to CCNP.

To become CCNP certified you now need to pass only two exams. The core exam is a requirement:

  • Core exam: Implementing and Operating Cisco Enterprise Network Core Technologies 300-401 ENCOR

And choose one of the concentration exams:

The CCIE R&S written exam is gone. 300-410 ENARSI is now a requirements to book a lab seat. Also CCIE R&S has been renamed to CCIE Enterprise Infrastructure.

I’m currently working on creating new course pages for the courses. I have most of the material for CCNA 200-301 so hopefully in a few weeks, I can finish it. I’ll then start with 300-401 ENCOR and probably do 300-410 ENARSI next. I think that will be the most popular concentration exam.

If you or anyone else has any questions about this, let us know ok?